About Us


Appforfinance is a groundbreaking start-up business which has chosen to invest in the future of the financial software industry: cloud computing and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Simplifies complex job processes,
provides automatic reports and presentations


Professional Support

E-mail assistance provided by experienced
professionals is included in our services.

Cloud Computing

Fast, Powerful, Flexible, Safe.

We know your needs



The expertise of our developers is transferred to our software solutions.

Appforfinance consisting in a multidisciplinary team of professionals with solid expertise in financial analysis and ICT, such as: certified accountants, advisors, engineers, IT programmers and business analysts.

Appforfinance operates as a professional studio, targeting sophisticated specialized customers. We are business partners to our customers, providing them with advanced software and high value-added services which help them with complex problem solving. Our solutions are specifically designed for accountants, corporate lawyers, entrepreneurs, banks, CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), financial analysts, managers, economists, shareholders and consultants.

Professional Knowledge Hub



The continuous interaction between customers and our Customer Service has a dual benefit. The customer will learn how to better use the software. At same time, Customer Service will be able to expand, perfect and simplify the software according to the customer’s needs.