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This legal document, which constitutes the "Privacy policy" of the site (hereinafter, for brevity, "site"), and which may be subject to updates, has the purpose of describing and bringing to the user's knowledge the methods of management of the company Analisi in Cloud SRL of personal data, both users who consult the site as simple navigators, both users who register on the site and those who enter into a contract for the provision of services offered on the site.
This statement is made, pursuant to Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data – hereafter, for brevity, "Privacy code"), to all those who interact with the Web Analytics services of Analisi in Cloud Srl, accessible via telematic starting from the address, corresponding to the homepage of the site. The information is made only for the site and not for other websites that may be accessed by the user through links.
This document has been drawn up in accordance with national and Community legislation on the processing of personal data, in accordance with the directives of recommendation No. 2 of 17/5/2001 of the independent advisory body of the European Union for The protection of personal data and privacy (set up by article 29 of Directive No. 95/46/EC), concerning the minimum requirements for the collection of online data in the European Union, and in accordance with the provisions of the confidentiality code and article 8 of the Convention Human rights (the right to respect for private and family life, their domicile and their correspondence).
The information contained in this document covers all users who link to the Web page of the site, regardless of the purpose of the connection, and are intended to guarantee the user the loyalty and lawfulness of the collection of personal data from Part of Analisi in Cloud SRL and their processing in a lawful and correct manner, and to provide explanations and clarifications on the purposes and modalities, on the obligatory or optional nature of the conferment of data and the consequences of a possible refusal of Respond, on the timing and nature of the data and information that Analisi in Cloud SRL collects, uses and manages, as well as on the rights of the interested parties.

The purpose of data processing is to provide users with access to the content and services provided on the portal. The site is a cloud computing platform, through which users can take advantage of software in cloud computing mode; the site also carries out an informative and updating function. Except in cases governed by law, it is not intended to collect personal data of the user as a simple navigator, and the data subject to the processing consists exclusively of common data. In some cases, as for the "Contact Us" section or to register at the site, you are required to fill out a data collection form, which includes as mandatory the indication of the user's e-mail address, and this in order to allow Analisi in Cloud SRL to evade the requests submitted through the "Contacts" section or to exercise a control on the identity and/or legitimacy of the user's work registered in the use of the services offered free of charge, such as the Participation in the Forum, reserved for registered users only, and with the aim to protect the interest of the community of all the participants in the Forum and to make the judicial authority the information pursuant to Article 157 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 In the event of any abuse or violation of third party rights or other criminally relevant violations. The purpose of the collection of personal data is to allow the user to use the services and software of the platform, the billing of the services purchased, as well as to facilitate a personal communication for the management needs of the site. For users who wish to purchase services, a further "privacy policy" is provided, included in the general terms "Agreement for the use of software products distributed through the portal", which specifies the use of Data collected and recorded indicating the purpose determined, and which contains the other claims required by law. The company Analisi in Cloud Srl collects only the relevant data and not exceeding the purposes for which the data are collected and processed. The company Analis in Cloud Srl does not collect, does not preserve and does not treat any of the sensitive data listed in art. 4 , paragraph 1, point (d) of D.L. N. 196/2003.

1. Ownership of data processing

The data controller is the Company Analisi in Cloud Srl, in the person of the legal representative pt, located in Viale Mazzini no.115 – Vicenza (Italy), VAT number IT 04031450242, e-mail address, which is responsible for decisions on the purposes, methods, logic and tools of the processing, data management operations with regard to the collection, processing, comparison, cancellation, modification and dissemination of personal data, security measures in data retention.

2. Type of data processed

2.1 Cookies

For this category of information, please refer to the cookie policy, available at the following Cookie Policy

2.2 Data provided voluntarily by the user

Analisi in Cloud Srl collects personal data of the user for:
1. respond to requests submitted by users through the "contacts" section;
2. register users in their database, to allow them to participate in the blogs of the site;
3. fulfill the contractual obligations set forth in the "contract for the use of software products distributed through the portal", including the related obligations arising from law or regulations;
4. send commercial and / or promotional communications related to the services offered on the site.
The credit card and bank details are only used to make the payment agreed with the "contract for the use of software products distributed via the portal". The user is reminded that the Public Authority can request news and information pursuant to Article 153 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data for the purpose of monitoring the processing of personal data, and that in these cases the answer is mandatory under penalty of administrative sanction.

3. Nature of the data and consequences of a refusal to respond

The processing of data for the purposes referred to in the previous art. 2.2, point 3, is mandatory. In case of refusal by the interested party, therefore, Analisi in Cloud Srl can not finalize the contract for the use of the software products distributed through the portal "with that subject. The processing of data for the purposes referred to in the previous art. 2.2, points 1 and 2, although optional, are necessary if the user intends to send a request to the Owner through the "contacts" section and / or if he wishes to participate in the blog on the Site. The processing of data for the purposes referred to in the previous art. 2.2, point 4, is optional; the refusal to the aforesaid treatment, however, will not allow Analisi in Cloud Srl to keep the user updated on all the news and / or services offered on the site.

5. Communication and dissemination of data

Personal data collected on the Site are not subject to disclosure - except for comments posted on the blog at the request of the user - will not be sold, or sold to third parties, except for the hypotheses provided by law.
Analisi in Cloud Srl reserves in any case the right to communicate personal data to respond to requests from police forces and / or judicial authorities, and / or to respond to complaints about any content that violates the rights of others, or for protect the rights, property and safety of the Company and other users of the Site.
Analisi in Cloud Srl, furthermore, may share the user's personal data with other partners, such as PayPal, or with service providers with whom Analisi in Cloud Srl has a contractual relationship and that collaborate with the Company's activities, to offer content and services joint, as registration, transactions and customer support, which will act as independent owners or managers of this treatment.

6. Security and protection of the account

The data are collected, stored and processed with the aid of electronic tools, are collected through the insertion form and are stored in a database at the registered office of the Company. Analisi in Cloud Srl uses as security measures for data retention the disaster recovery plan, which provides daily and weekly backups of both files and database. The password is the only "key" that allows the registered user to access his site account. The user is invited to use complex numbers, letters and special characters, and not to reveal their password to third parties. If you decide to provide your password or your personal information to third parties, you will be liable for all acts performed with the use of your account. If the user loses his password, he / she may no longer be able to control the use made of his / her personal data and be subject to legal actions taken against him, therefore if for any reason the secrecy and security of the password are compromised, the user is invited to report it to Analisi in Cloud Srl and to change his access codes immediately. The user's data is stored in the server located at the registered office of the Company Analisi in Cloud Srl, which processes the data as an asset to be protected and uses numerous tools (encryption, password and other) to protect personal data from access and activities of unauthorized disclosure.

7. Rights of the interested parties

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Italian Privacy Code, the subjects to whom the personal data refer have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation of the existence of their data, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form. The interested party has the right: to know the content and origin of the personal data, to verify its accuracy and to request its integration and updating or correction; to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or processed; to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection; to oppose the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising material or commercial communications. Requests and objections should be sent to

8. Updates

The Company Analisi in Cloud Srl may modify the content of this legal document on privacy at any time, publishing the new version on its website. All new terms and conditions will be effective from the date of publication on the site. In case of updating of this document, registered users will be notified by sending an e-mail to the address provided at the time of registration.
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This privacy policy was published on November 15th 2017